“Driven By Sound” Featuring Madlib & Kaytranada | Lexus

With Lexus, we created a 360 program that told the story of Lexus installing a record player into an IS and a one-of-a-kind music collaboration between audiophiles Madlib & Kaytranada to discuss their connection to vinyl and work on their first-ever collaboration and new double-single. In a two-part documentary, Pitchfork and Lexus came together to provide an in-depth look into the creation of the custom Lexus IS Wax model with the first ever custom in-dash record player and meet legendary producers Madlib and Kaytranada.


Custom Video Series on Pitchfork
Video 1 (Link)
Video 2 (Link)

7" double-single
Wired Article


Starring: Madlib & Kaytranada

Senior Producer: Alex Wolff
Creative Director: Tamara Sangdow
AP: Noelle Cristiano
Marketing Director, Pitchfork: Emily Feldman
Senior Production Director, Pitchfork: Seth Dodson

Director: Andre Bato
AB Films Executive Producer: Maximilian Kurzweil
DP: Arseni Khachaturan


2022 Clio Music Bronze Winner